The impact of pre-notifications and reminders on participation in colorectal cancer screening – A randomised controlled trial

A Danish study has found a four-staged invitation procedure using both a pre-notification and two reminders was the most effective invitation procedure, increasing overall screening participation rate by 2.9% compared to the usual two-staged procedure using one reminder only.

This study aimed to test whether participation in colorectal cancer (CRC) screening can be increased by combining the standard invitation procedure with a pre-notification and/or an extra reminder.

In a non-blinded randomised controlled trial nested in a population-based CRC screening programme employing the faecal immunochemical test, Group I received a three-staged invitation procedure (pre-notification, invitation and one reminder), Group II received a three-staged invitation procedure (invitation and two reminders) and Group III received a four-staged invitation procedure (pre-notification, invitation and two reminders). The control group received the invitation and one reminder (usual procedure).

A total of 59,041 participants were included in the analyses. Overall participation rates increased from 66.9% in the control group to 69.8% in the four-staged invitation procedure corresponding to an increase in overall participation rate of 2.9% (95% CI: 1.8 to 4.0). In the age group 50–59 years, the four-staged invitation procedure increased the participation rate by 4.0% (95% CI: 2.4 to 5.6). An extra reminder increased participation with 2.7% (95% CI: 1.1; 4.2) for males compared to 1.1% (95% CI: −0.3; 2.5) for females.

In conclusion, the four-staged invitation procedure was the most effective invitation procedure indicating that multiple invitation procedures are most effective, especially in the youngest age group. If a three-staged invitation procedure is applied, a second reminder should be preferred over a pre-notification.


Mette Bach Larsen, Mette Hedelund, Louisa Flander, and Berit Andersen

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