Our researchers are seeking to identify which combinations of interventions increase people’s participation in the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program, and in which segments of the population these are most effective. 

BCSA’s three-step program of research involves:


BCSA will co-design the modifications with NBCSP and people eligible for screening. Potential modifications include digital technology (smartphones and QR codes), cultural or language adaptations, GP endorsement, social media, incentives and design improvements to screening kit contents and instructions.


Random assignment of people eligible for screening, to one or more of the most promising modifications is proposed directly through the National Cancer Screening Register or GP clinics. This will determine which modifications improve kit return. Using an adaptive trial design will enable the ongoing process of assessment of combinations of modifications as they are developed in a timely manner.


Evaluate modifications for short and long-term reduction in bowel cancer cases and deaths as well as their cost-effectiveness.

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