The Bowel Cancer Screening Alliance has established a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Screening Participation Subcommittee. 


The subcommittee is focusing on researching barriers and facilitators to NBCSP participation amongst Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Australian populations. 

The subcommittee will support foundational research, in particular University of Melbourne PhD student Bing Yi Han’s research on Understanding Health Decision-making in Collectivistic Families, supervised by Prof Shanton Chang. This research will assist in identifying potential interventions for trials. 

To facilitate this work, the CALD Subcommittee has consolidated research connections with the University of Wollongong and Aarhus University. 

The CALD Subcommittee will focus on CALD populations, and not incorporate other underscreening groups such as First Nations people. 

The subcommittee plan to hold a methodology comparison roundtable/half-day meeting where groups focusing on different under-screening populations (e.g. NZ Māori, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, low literacy populations) can meet to exchange approaches, ideas, and methodologies.  

Committee members

Jennifer McIntosh (UoM), Carlene Wilson (UoM), Joyce Jiang (MCWH), Shanton Chang (UoM), Dana McKay (RMIT), Jennifer Huang (UoM)

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