This research is investigating using a one-sample test for home-based screening in order to increase participation.  

Participation in Australia‚Äôs National Bowel Cancer Screening Program has been consistently low since the start of the program 17 years ago, with most people not participating in the program.  

This project will investigate changing the home-based screening procedure from its current two-sample process to a new one-sample test to make screening easier and therefore increase participation.  

Our aim is to determine a new threshold for positivity of the one-sample immunochemical test to maximise sensitivity, without overburdening colonoscopy services, and evaluate the potential impact on bowel cancer incidence and deaths as well as the cost-effectiveness of the new process. 


Dr Driss Ait Ouakrim3, Prof Mark Jenkins3, Prof Nancy Baxter3, Prof Finlay Macrae6, Prof Carlene Wilson3, Dr Louisa Flander3, Dr Belinda Goodwin3,4,5, A/Prof Jennifer McIntosh1,2,3

Affiliated organisations 

  1. Centre for Cancer Research, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia.
  2. Department of General Practice and Primary Care, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia.
  3. Centre for Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia.
  4. Cancer Council Queensland, Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia.
  5. Centre for Health Research, University of Southern Queensland, Springfield, Australia.
  6. Colorectal Medicine and Genetics, The Royal Melbourne Hospital and University of Melbourne Dept of Medicine, Melbourne, Australia.

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