Nick Lee OAM

Nick is a corporate health expert and Chairman of the Jodi Lee
Foundation. He joins Healthy Minds as a co-director and partner. With
a beautiful family and working as a director of multi-national consumer
goods company, Nick Lee had good reason to be happy and optimistic
about his future. That changed in an instant when his wife Jodi was
diagnosed with stage IV bowel cancer at the age of 39. After battling
with the disease for 2 years, Jodi passed away in 2010.

We all face critical hurdles in our lives, but when we do it is how we react
that determines our future health and happiness. After Jodi’s death Nick
made the brave decision to leave his job and use his experience to do all
he could to stop others suffering a similar experience. He established The
Jodi Lee Foundation to inspire others to protect themselves against
bowel cancer and make positive choices to improve their health. The
work of the Foundation has saved many Australian lives.

As the Founder of The Jodi Lee Foundation, Nick developed a passion
for corporate health and a strong desire to improve the health of ordinary
Australians. Joining Tom Nehmy at Healthy Minds presented a perfect
opportunity for Nick to fuel his passion.

Nick has a wealth of corporate experience and is an accomplished
speaker using his powerful story to motivate and inspire others to take
action to improve their health. Nick is able to relate his own personal
experience to current thinking about mental health, coping with stress
and making the right choices when confronted with critical hurdles
in our lives.

Nick was a 2015 SA Australian of the Year finalist, and was awarded the
2013 Social Entrepreneur of the Year (Central Region) by Ernst and Young.
In 2022 Nick was awarded The Medal of the Order of Australia. Nick
receives this recognition for his service to the community through the
not-for-profit sector (Jodi Lee Foundation) and commitment to raising
awareness for the early detection and prevention of bowel cancer.

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