New research staff and students

The Bowel Cancer Screening Alliance has welcomed a number of new research staff and students in 2023.

Cancer Council Queensland |  University of Melbourne

Cancer Council Queensland

Nicole Perry started in February 2023 as a Research Assistant. Utilising her background in health psychology, Nicole has been investigating the use of SMS reminders to prompt bowel cancer screening and analysing interview data for our letter re-design project. 

Sabine Fletcher, SMARTERscreen, CCQ

Sabine Fletcher joined us a Research Support Officer on the SMARTER Screen Project in June 2023. Sabine acts as the liaison partner between the research team and the GP practices. She has joined the team during the finalization of the recruitment phase, recruiting the final of 30 Queensland GP practices. Sabine will support the implementation of the SMS intervention through guiding the encrypted data transfer between each practice and the NCSR as well as to the GoShare digital platform. 

Katelyn Collins, PhD Student and Research Fellow, CCQ

Katelyn Collins joined the team in 2022 as a Research Assistant. In 2023 Katelyn commenced her PhD through the University of Southern Queensland. Her project focuses on advance notification – that is, providing information about an upcoming opportunity to participate in screening ahead of time – as an intervention to improve participation in the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program. Specifically, Katelyn’s thesis aims to clarify the theoretical mechanisms (or “active ingredients”) of advance notification interventions, to understand why this strategy can effectively improve adherence to screening. Katelyn is supervised by a team based at the University of Southern Queensland and Cancer Council Queensland, including Adjunct Associate Professor Belinda Goodwin, Dr Larry Myers, and Dr Michael Ireland. 

The University of Melbourne

Zeph Hilton is a Master of Public Health (MPH) graduate who is currently employed as a Research Assistant in the BCSA. In this capacity, he is conducting a comprehensive systematic review focusing on the application of implementation science to integrate evidence-based methods for increasing cancer screening into policy.

Zeph is being supervised by A/Professor Jennifer McIntosh (UoM), and A/Professor Natalie Taylor (UNSW). Zeph is currently exploring search terms, databases, and the existing literature to ensure a thorough analysis. He is hoping to finalise the review before the end of the year. Zeph’s review will support the field of cancer screening policy implementation, a focus of the BCSA.

Terrence Lu

Terence Lu is a final-year Master of Public Health student at the University of Melbourne, specialising in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Terence joins the BCSA team to complete his MPH capstone project. His focus is on conducting a literature review to compare the implementation, characteristics and performance of the Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) used in current organised bowel cancer screening programs. Terence has a strong passion for population health and is currently employed as an analyst within the National Cancer Screening Registry.

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