Research insights
to increase participation in
bowel cancer screening

The Australian Government provides a world-class National Bowel Cancer Screening Program. However, the number of eligible Australians participating in it is amongst the lowest in the world, 41% compared to around 60% for similar screening programs overseas.

BCSA is undertaking research to find ways to increase screening participation by 20% to world-class levels.

By achieving this, it is predicted an additional 37,000 bowel cancers and 25,000 bowel cancer deaths can be prevented in Australia over the next 20 years.

This first-time alliance comprises 13 institutes – interdisciplinary experts from epidemiology, screening, public health, general practice, multicultural health literacy, behavioural science, and digital technologies – working together to find solutions.

The Bowel Cancer Screening Alliance is an Australia-wide collaboration between the University of Melbourne and our partner organisations

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